Newest Single from upcoming album "Honkytonkitis"

New single, "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean" hits radio today!  

Big City Brian Wright's latest single celebrates the legacy of Waylon Jennings and pays homage to his contribution that forever changed the course of country music.  

"Everybody remembers "outlaw."  I didn't see that at all.  I saw a guy living a roll and roll lifestyle.  He got wrapped up in the cycle of gettin' up to perform night after night and gettin' down because you have to.  What he did was put his foot down and make the music he wanted to make and go in a direction that no one had gone before.  I'd call that a "visionary."  A rock star that eventually grew up into a gentleman.  You could say the same about George Jones, Cash, Nelson, any of them.  Except Merle, he actually was an outlaw."  by BCBW

Let me know your station and let's get this played!

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