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Honkytonkitis: CD
  • Honkytonkitis: CD

Honkytonkitis: CD

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Big City Brian Wright's debut album "Honkytonkitis" is a collection of real songs about real life the way country music was intended. It "fills the shoes of the legends while the rest of the genre strays barefoot."

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"Honkytonkitis" Album Trailer Video

The World's First Singing Pilot

Welcome aboard!

  Welcome to my home on the interweb!  It's true.  They'll let anybody in here.  This site is dedicated by me for one thing and one thing only...generating and promoting real country music.  The kind of country music made that stems from songs and stories about real life stuff.  The stuff that comes from real emotions that we all deal with throughout life's experiences.  This is the way country music started and was meant to be made.  This is how it connected at one time with fans and the reason it has been around for generations.  My life long goal is to carry that tradition forward, in spite of the efforts of an industry that continues to put money before art.  While their fan base dwindles and the foundation cracks, mine is growing.  At Big City Records, I do not follow any rules set by an industry that is obviously lost.  I only have three rules.  I write real songs about real life, I record them with the sounds of traditional country music and I have fun doing it.  That's it.  
  My recordings are all done professionally here in Nashville, Tennessee with A-List studio musicians with over 30+ years credits on millions of albums sold with a Grammy-Winning producer.  The music is available for download or stream anywhere music is consumed.  Just search "Big City Brian Wright" or "Honkytonkitis".  Hard copies are available here (and can be signed free of charge).  The downloads on my site are studio quality WAV files that are better sounding than anywhere you will find.  Big City Records is independently financed and depends on its fan base for support.  

  If you remember a time when music truly moved you and came through your speakers with an unmistakable sound that was traditional country music, please join the Mile High Club by clicking the tab on the top right.  You will be notified first when new music is created, new videos are released, new merchandise is made, and when I'm about to lay down some serious honky tonk on your city.

  Remember's gonna be country, it's gonna be real songs about real life and it's gonna be as good a quality as I can give you.  You're gonna laugh, you might cry, but I'll keep ya drinkin' 'em dry.

Big City Brian Wright
"Real songs about real life, the way country music was intended"


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