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710/19/2014 by Donnie (dldawes1) Dawes

Folks I Think Highly Of

Alan Jackson

Keeping it real for a long time.

The Wrights

Classic, simple, witty and artistic songwriting and picking/singing that leave the most talented, questioning their own abilities.

Jimmy Carter
Nobody works harder than this man.  Nobody knows more than this man.  He is relentless and unstoppable and somehow manages to keep it all in order.  To hell with Google as long as we have Jimmy Carter!

Milan Miller

Traditional bluegrass music with better songwriting.  This dude has blazing fingers that are actually good.  

Davis Raines


Traditional country music in the story-telling, visual styles of Hank, Sr., Johnny Cash and Billy Joe Shaver.   

Abode Nashville Real Estate
Angela actually makes life-long friends, one transaction at a time.  If everyone knew her, there'd only be one real estate broker.  Honest to God, ask her clients.

Good People Brewing Company
Brewing the best damn beer in the world.  Try the Coffee Oatmeal Stout and the Double IPA.

Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle
Real, organic, hormone-free, high-quality beef.  The sirloins taste like filets.  You'll turn your nose up to anything else. 

Redneck Gourmet
A real southern tradition with great food and a Mayberry atmosphere.


Protecting pilots' ears for years

Rodney Turner

Pro Voiceover Artist, Rodney Turner, gets it done fast, professionally and in whatever format you need.  View his work on my song "Sky Trucker" as the ATC voice in the song.


Special Thanks

My wife - for giving me stuff to write about and for not thinking I'm crazy, and for financing my craziness

My kids - If I am crazy, you're the reason.  But, I wouldn't trade you for anything.

Jeff King - for giving me the opportunity to work with the finest musicians in Nashville...and for being the nicest guy on the planet

Matt McClure - for making a hack sound like a really good hack

Alex McCollough - putting the Master's Touch on everything and always there when you need him

David Van Drew - for driving the bass in the original Dixie Highway Band and for knowing how to get the right shot on my photos

Andy "Wolfman" Hoffman - for laying the beat and lighting the fire in the original Dixie Highway Band and supplying the wings for those shots in my photos.  Me and this dude are the Bo & Luke Duke of aviation since high school.  

David Cone - pulling double twang duty and pouring fuel on the fire for Dixie Highway and using your axe for those last minute shots on this site

The original Dixie Highway Band - for being accomplices in "burning the beerjoints down"