Where can I find your music?
A:  Anywhere music is purchased digitially and/or streamed.  Just search "Big City Brian Wright" or for the album "Honkytonkitis"
If you'd like a hard copy, it is available here on my site (signed if requested for an additional $5).  The digital files available on my site are also WAV files, which are uncompressed, studio files and are better quality than anything you can buy anywhere.

Why can't I download songs from my iPhone?
A:  Apple is greedy and makes it hard for users to buy anything NOT from iTunes.  So, you can purchase from your iPhone, but download your files directly to your main computer first.  Once that is complete, sync your devices as normal.
*If you ever have any problems with purchasing or playing my music, please email me and I will handle it.  The goal is for everything to be easy and seamless.  If it is not, let me know.

Do you write your music?
A:  Yes, all song lyrics/melodies are written by me and so far, me only...until Bob McDill calls.

What do you write about?
A:  Everything is a real life experience.  In 12 years, I have not written a song just to write a song.  I was moved enough to get off my ass, pick up a guitar and pencil and write it down.  I believe it comes more natural and is more believable this way.  Besides, who can get excited about singing a song over and over that means nothing to them?