Down In Dixie

"Down In Dixie"  is an autobiographical account of a simple, southern upbringing that produces a man who's not afraid to test the boundaries, knows what he likes, proud of who is and is honest, hard-working and good to the core.  It's country meets southern rock!  And that's never bad.

Lonesome, On'ry and Mean

"Lonesome, On'ry and Mean," (made famous by Waylon Jennings and could arguably be described as starting the Outlaw Movement) was written by Steve Young, another Newnan, Georgia, born songwriter.  He is also more well known for his Eagles hit, "Seven Bridges Road."  This is the first cover song I ever recorded and probably one of my favorite songs of all time.  The last verse in this cut was added by me because the band got carried away and played an extra 2 whole minutes on the recording!  I didn't want to edit out their incredible playing, so I just wrote another verse to the song after getting the blessing from Steve.  I hope you'll enjoy it.

Daddy's Truck is here! Listen up!

 If you grew up in the South (and probably a lot of other places), chances are your Daddy drove a truck.  As a small kid in a big world, whether it was actually a "Monster Truck" (as my kids refer to mine) or a simple trash hauler, it seemed big...and riding up high made you feel real tough.  I guess I never grew up...

Daddy's Truck is a song about a man's vision of that truck throughout a lifetime.  Automobiles (boats, planes, trucks, motorcycles, etc) to me have always simbolized different stages of life, probably because they are our most expensive possessions aside of the home, and we do spend alot of time in them.  It's not really the hunk of metal with the incredibly sexy exhaust (for most people), but the relationships that surround them.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.


"Summertime" is a song celebrating being outdoors with the folks we care about.  It's how I grew up doin' it and still am.  This gritty ditty is all about grillin', chillin'  and easy livin'.  "It don't cost much and it sho' is fine, like a big watermelon hangin' on the vine." Big City


Better Half

This song was written/recorded recently for my 10 year wedding anniversary.  My wife is a big 80s Rock fan (when I say big, I mean she's not big, but a big fan of 80s Rock).  The song was actually gonna be a full-on, backwards skate "Monster Ballard" that would steam up any IROC-Z, but....when we cut the work tape, it got slower and more sentimental.  And once we got in the studio, it got even "prettier."  I"m sure this version is much better, but that's the behind the music story.  Hope you can hug somebody to it.  

Sky Trucker

This song goes out to all the guys flyin' the line.  We strap ourselves in a rocket-powered tin can everyday, propelled at 600 mph, 7 miles above the ground (and expect nothing to go wrong).  It sounds ridiculous, but we're literally putting it on the line everytime we take off.  You've gotta be ready for whatever's out there.  And I've seen some things I don't care to talk about, publicly.  I've had trouble staying awake from boredom, I've seen breathtaking sights most will never see and had my heart nearly beat out of my chest from fear, but we stay cool and get it done, day in, day out.

It's a hard way to make a living, but it's also a fun way to get paid.  

That coffee picks me, smoke and whiskey bring me down.  

The Gone

"The Gone" is written by Adam Wright and Jay Knowles, two Grammy-nominated writers made famous most recently for penning Alan Jackson's "So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore" 2013, which was nominated for "Best Country Song."  "The Gone" was on George Strait's short stack recently and intentionally recorded for George's album for this year.  It ended up not making the album.  I was looking for something slower and Merle Haggard'esque and Adam pitched me this.
 It's a real-world song about how losing isn't as cool as in the day of the original Hank Williams, Sr., but nonetheless painful.  Tear in your beer type song.  Pair with whiskey and it gets even better!


We've all had relationships that ended one way or another.  They usually involve some sort of walking away, driving away, etc.  But, sometimes that's just not fast enough.  Well, this one ended and the quickest way out was on a jet plane, burning jet fuel...leaving contrails.


  The idea for "Wings" began two-fold.  Over the years, interacting with airline passengers and observing their reactions made me wonder why sometimes I am the hero and sometimes I am the enemy.  I hope this song will bridge that gap.  The other catyalyst was watching an un-named, Hollywood-type prance around in a custom airline pilot uniform on TV.  It was an educational documentary and this person was used to increase ratings, I suppose.  The commentary was giving alot of street cred towards this person and his flying abilities (hobby, that is), as he does hold a pilot license.  It's TV, what did I expect?  But, I thought to myself.  Does he have any idea what that uniform means?  It's not a costume man, it's a lifestyle.  Or what the folks who wear that uniform experience in a career span?  How many important life events has he missed (weddings, births, birthdays, first steps, first words)?  Does he know what it's like to spend 50% of his life on the road?  Or how hard it is on a family?  How many times has he been scared to death at work (by no fault of his own)?  Is this a hobby?  Or, do you really put it on the line, day in and day out?  Call yourself a pilot, fine.  But, don't wear my uniform.  Did you buy those wings?  Or did you earn them? 

Big City

NOTE:  So, the next time your're a frustrated passenger dealing with delays/diversions, etc.  Remember this, there's almost a zero percent chance your pilots can do anything about it (In 13 years, I cannot recall a time when sitting at the gate or on a taxiway for 2 hours with a planeload of belligerent passengers seemed like a great idea).  Our goal is to go home with a paycheck alive, preferably on-time.  So, when you're delayed, we are, too.  If you returned/diverted because of a problem, tell your pilot "Thanks for being conservative with my life.  Thanks for not taking unecessary risks."  They might've just saved your @ss.  When a well-trained professional is flying, he can make rough air calm, hard landings smooth & when the odds are stacked, cheat death.  Just because he looks calm and is smiling when the cockpit door opens has no reflection of what he saw ten minutes prior.  Be glad you're on the ground with another day of life and time to spend with your family.  I know I am.

FREE TIP:  Making your pilot mad before flying is like pissing off your doctor before going into surgery. I wouldn't do it.


For those of  you wondering, what the hell?



noun - disease or condition

definition - a chronic addiction to twang

Sufferers are drawn to neon lights, smoky bars, loud guitars, cold beer and hot women (only soul mates, of course).  

Considered to be a country-wide epidemic 

Cure - unknown