Album Update

"Honkytonkitis - The Greatest Country Album of All Time an airline pilot" is nearly ready for takeoff!  
  Hard copies are being printed now and will be available for a March release!
  Sign up for the Mile High…

"Daddy's Truck" is Rollin'!

"Daddy's Truck" is out to radio and on iTunes, as well as here.  Rob Thacker Film & Photo who co-directed, filmed & edited "Summertime" also shot "Daddy's Truck" video out now!

Spring is in the air but "Summertime" is a comin'!

  I think we can all agree across this country that this was the coldest winter in a long time.  We've been cooped up, pent up and deprived of all the things that Americans love to do.  Barbecuing, sitting outside, listening…

Behind the Music Video

Occasionally, I will be adding some video.  Content will be varied and possibly colorful.  While I am a role model for my kids, I can not be held accountable for you and yours.  Viewer's discretion is advised.  Members Only Allowed.  

Grammy Nomination

 Congrats to my bro, Adam Wright and Jay Knowles, for their recent 2013 Grammy nomination for Best Country Song for "So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore" performed by Alan Jackson!
 Awesome song and terrific performance by band…

Producer, Matt McClure, scores first #1 Hit!

  Congrats to my producer, Matt McClure, for his first #1 Hit on the airwaves with Lee Brice's "Hard To Love."  This could be the first of more to come from this album.  Matt's been in Nashville for a long time…